Thombert Dyalon "B" Midrollers for Tracked Tractors

Current rubber rollers cut easily, chunk and tear prematurely. Which results in premature downtime and a costly loss of production and added frustration. Thombert Dyalon “B” polyurethane midrollers are tougher than rubber, so they last longer than rubber midrollers. Plus, our softer Dyalon “B” midrollers actually absorb the worst of grit and debris rather than driving it into your rubber tracks. The result…

Fewer expensive track changeouts, less downtimes, and reduced labor costs.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs. Thombert Dyalon ”B” midrollers last longer
  • Longer Track Life. Dylan "B" absorbs debris harder polyurethane drives into track
  • More Productivity. Less replacing means making money not spending it in downtime and shop costs