Engineering Expertise

Outstanding Engineering Capabilities

Well over half a century of engineering expertise goes into every Thombert product. When you work with Thombert , you’re assured the most appropriate compound solution for your specific application need.

Thombert can work with you to:

  • Review your current wheel and tire designs so that you meet your load and speed capabilities
  • Determine the correct compound based on your application and need
  • Offer in-stock wheel and tire solutions to meet your needs
  • Custom design wheels and tires specific to your application


Best Chemicals

Thombert uses only the best precursor chemicals to produce high performance resins for its wheel and tire applications. High performance polyols are a key ingredient to producing resins that can withstand the heavy demands of high tonnage warehouse applications. Thombert’s research team has found that polyester resins produce wheels and tires that offer material handling customers the highest level of load capacity and cut/tear resistance.

Thombert manufactures only MDI based polyurethane systems. While difficult to process, MDI provides the most consistent products. After the best chemicals are selected, Thombert uses a propriety production process to produce wheels and tires that can take the heaviest loads and longest runs in the business

Limitations of Lower Grade Resins

There are certainly lower grade resin systems on the market. One of the main ones used to produce lower cost wheels and tires is based on a polypropylene glycol (PPG) system. This system is based on purchasing lower grade polyols to cut cost. While the product is initially cheaper, the wheels and tires cannot withstand the load and heat buildup found in most applications on high performance narrow aisle trucks. The initial savings is lost as back end labor and overhead costs rise from more frequent replacements.

Thombert Physical Properties

Measuring Wheels & Tires

How to Measure a Press-On Tire
How to Measure a Wheel

Tread Profiles

Smooth Grooved
Smooth Double Grooved
Smooth Triple Grooved
Machine Contour
Smooth Stepped
Smooth Siped
Diamond Sipe
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