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The Longest Ride


Over the past 60+ years, Thombert, Inc. has become a world-class leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of elastomers, specializing in durable, high-quality polyurethanes. The keys to the company's success have been a strong belief in continuous improvements and an absolute dedication by employees to provide top-quality products and service to customers.

A Legacy of Value...

Thombert began in 1946 in Newton, Iowa, as a manufacturer specializing in custom wood furniture, primarily kitchen cabinets. The name Thombert comes from a combination of the first names of the two brothers who founded the company, Thomas R. and Robert L. Smith. The company progressed to plastics manufacturing in 1952 to take advantage of the growing market for these innovative products.

Over the next several years, Thombert focused its energies and resources on designing, testing and manufacturing high-quality industrial plastics. In 1958, the company became one of the first in North America licensed to cast polyurethane elastomers. Dyalon®, a product best described as an "elastoplastic," combines the best engineering characteristics of plastic and rubber. Advantages included superior abrasion resistance, cut resistance, load carrying ability and more. Within a short time, Thombert's Dyalon® became the preferred material for industrial truck wheels and tires, as well as numerous other components. Today, over half of U.S. manufactured lift trucks run on Thombert wheels and tires made from Dyalon®.

In 1987, Thombert became the first U.S. licensed manufacturer of Vulkollan®, a high-performance polyurethane elastomer from Germany. This product, known for load capacity and heat resistance, was an exceptional success. In 1995, continuous material improvement led to the development of another Thombert product. Dyalon® "A" GHp is a high-performance material designed to provide longer service life in challenging applications – while delivering exceptional value for heavy loads and long runs.

A Look Ahead...

As the Green movement for a cleaner environment continues, use of electric lift trucks will increase – with higher expectations for load and speed capabilities. As always, Thombert will be at the forefront with high performance products.

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